The Renovation of Our Church

In August 1994 Msgr. Anthony Czarnecki with the Parish Council and the Finance Board held preliminary discussions regarding the renovation of the church. Many areas of the church needed to be addressed. In June 1995 the fundraising brochure describing the renovation process was developed and mailed to all parishioners seeking their financial support. Unlike most projects of this size no outside marketing company was utilized in this fundraising effort. The response of the parishioners was very positive and encouraging reflecting the spirit of sacrifice of their forefathers.

The renovation of St. Joseph Church was thorough and substantial. All areas of the church were addressed including murals, pews, doors, stained glass windows, marble columns and wainscot, electrical and sound systems, stations of the cross, heating system, and the sanctuary. The result of this labor is evident in the beauty, elegance and restored vibrancy of the artistic works as well as the liturgical environment of our Church. To respond to devotional needs of the faithful the Our Lady of Czestochowa chapel was established and furnished. This renovated sacred edifice reflects the faith and dedication of the present generation and is a living legacy for those who will worship in this church.

The pictorial illustrations of the newly renovated church in full color is graphically detailed in an artistic publication entitled: "Our Gift...Our Legacy". This unique book is available by calling 508-943-0467.