Dear Friends in Christ,

St. Joseph Basilica is a unique sacred edifice on the geographical landscape of New England. Its neo-gothic structure and rich artistic internal decor signify the dedication, pride and faith of our ancestors. As we enter the bronze doors of this unique House of God, we find ourselves in a sacred environment where we experience His transcendent power.

The interaction of art and light, the symmetry of lines and shadows, the graceful colonnade, and the monumental and decorative marble columns impart a sense of stability, security and permanence. The intricate religious mosaics, and the vibrant colors of the renaissance murals with scriptural scenery make visible to us the timeless history of our salvation. Our attention is captivated and inspired by the brilliance of sunlight cascading colorfully through the magnificent stained glass windows depicting the life of Christ. The power of the enshrined gospel message, the imposing presence of the Eucharistic table, but above all, the tabernacle majestically enthroned in the sanctuary, create an ambiance of reverence and prayer.

May this traditional religious environment influence our life and instill in us a spirit of gratitude to our ancestors who built this House of God, and to our present generation whose faith in God motivated the renovation of this church for the Greater Glory of God.

To fully appreciate the beauty of this sacred edifice I welcome you for a visit or to join us for divine worship. You may also browse through these pages for detailed information.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Rev. Msgr. Anthony Czarnecki, Rector

 e-mail: rectory@stjosephwebster.com